Spread Some Sunshine

Let your inner glow show! Brighten someone's day with a touch of sunshine from our suggestions below,
or come up with your own ideas. Either way, you'll love the way it makes you feel.

  • • Smile, smile, smile • Compliment a stranger • Leave a note with a smiley face
    on it at someone’s desk
    • Write something nice to your
    waiter on your bill the next time
    you go out to dinner
    • Put change into an expired
    parking meter
    • Send an e-card to a friend just to
    express your appreciation
    • Give someone a sunflower
  • • Buy a sunny song online for a friend • Post a happy message in a common
    area at your home or workplace.
    • Text, email or post a happy
    quote on Facebook
    • Treat someone to an ice cream –
    anonymously or not
    • Put a thank you note in your
    mailbox for your letter carrier
    • Spend a morning collecting litter
    in a local park
    • Hand out popsicles in your
    neighborhood or at work
    • Prepay a vending machine and
    leave a smiley note
  • • Let someone know how grateful
    you are to have them in your life
    • Distribute balloons • Rent a funny movie and invite
    friends over to watch
    • Shovel snow or rake leaves for
    an elderly neighbor
    • Take a friend's kids to the park • Host a spontaneous party
    for no specific reason
    • Laughter is contagious – post
    a joke or silly message on your
    friend’s Facebook wall
    • Send flowers to a family
    member for no reason
    • Buy a cup of coffee for the
    person behind you in line
    • Write to a teacher who influenced you